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The Career Choices of Five Elements

The Chinese Zodiac studies suggest that certain lines of work or lifestyle can complement your strength and weakness, and therefore will make you more successful and happier. The analysis is based on your zodiac 5-Element. After you get the Free Zodiac Report on this site, you will be provided with the recommended career choices, then look up the career characteristics and examples below.

Water Element Career

Career Characteristics:
Work that depends on water or other fluids. Also, work involves people or goods which come and go symbolizing the water flow or ocean waves.

Career Choices of Water Element:
Water and other beverages, Chemical engineering, transportation, travel, irrigation, fishing, glass/crystal manufacture, media, education, medicine and health care, entertainment, delivery, sales, online store (e-Business), import/export, supermarket, laundry, sports, cashier, human resources, professional consulting (such as an attorney), and personal services (such as moving, cleaning), etc.

Fire Element Career

Career Characteristics:
Work that depends on heat or light, or uses objects that create heat or light.

Career Choices of Fire Element:
Electric engineering, electronic, computer, semi-conductor, laser, fuel, gas or oil company, firearm, firework, cigarette, welding, porcelain or glass making, cooking, restaurant, food processing, lighting, photography, movie production, etc. Note that this does not include firefighting as it uses water and tools to put out the fire, not create it.

Wood Element Career

Career Characteristics:
Work that depends on natural organism material (plants or animals). Also, work that involves creative, artistic, or spiritual expression symbolizes a tree freely and gracefully extending its branches, leaves, and flowers.

Career Choices of Wood Element:
Forestry, farming, raw natural material (lumber, cotton, leather, etc.), biology, herbal medicine, natural food, gardening, nursery, furniture, clothing, paper, office supplies, book or magazine publishing, library, bookstore, art gallery, design (interior, exterior, fashion, art, illustration, software, web, cartoon, animation, etc.), photography, astrology, charity, religion, culture, mentoring, psychiatry, etc.

Metal Element Career

Career Characteristics:
Work that depends on the metal, weapon, or involves financial management (as gold is a synonym of money in Chinese). Also work that involves noisy environment due to moving metal or machine, or work that has heavy use of electric equipment.

Career Choices of Metal Element:
Mechanic engineering, electric engineering, computer hardware, machinery, manufacture, transportation equipment (automobile, ship, bike, etc.), health care equipment, police, judge, guard, martial art, surgeon, technicians, appliances, military, security, internet network, the financial industry (banks, stock trading, trust, investment, exchange, etc.), jewelry store, music instruments, TV, video games, etc.

Earth Element Career

Career Characteristics:
Work that involves earth, land, soil, mineral, or rock.

Career Choices of Earth Element:
Civil engineering, mining, farming, raising livestock, real estate construction or sales, building material, interior/exterior design, landscaping, nursery/gardening, porcelain/glass making and selling, demolition, warehousing, sports like track racing and rock climbing, funeral services, recycle, etc.

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